Thursday, October 9, 2014

Father Glenn in his sermon for Trinity XVI:
 ...none of us can enter into the other person’s interior life no matter how much we love one another, no matter how much we wish to know one another, no matter how much we wish to be known – it is simply impossible. This is how we are created; it is not a matter of the sin or the fall, it is a matter of being human, of being a living soul. What is a matter of the sin, sickness is what we have lost: That there was a time when there was no loneliness in the world. Once there was a time when man’s interior life was filled with sweet communion between him and his Creator. (What is impossible for man is possible with God.) But now all that remains is God’s omniscient presence, which is the theologian’s way to say that God is everywhere. So yes, God is in my soul by definition, but the knowledge of God’s presence without Christ is the experience of ultimate judgment not of mercy and peace. But in the beginning there was no loneness. In the beginning God and man shared a communion of love in which man was known and cherished inside and out by his Creator. But our communion of love with our Creator was lost in the fall and man experienced himself as thrown and alone in the world. This loneliness still lingers in us till we come to Jesus the Messiah. 

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