Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Summer Day Well Spent

I had breakfast at Bluegrass Grill and Bakery with my parents before I rode my bike into work. After clearing up a few final matters, I picked up some groceries at Whole Foods and headed back home.

There I spent a nice hour or so reading on the downstairs porch and drinking iced coffee while Alvin played in the yard. Then I met Sean and Ross at The Shebeen to watch one of the more exciting 49 minutes of soccer I've seen--the latter half of England v. Sweden in the Euro 2012.

Ralph arrived in from Quantico at the end of the match, and then we headed over for a delicious dinner at the McDermotts with Dawn and little Harold. We got to watch Phinehas take his first bike ride ever--the first of countless many, no doubt. For dessert we walked down to the Pop Shop in my neighborhood, which was closed, so instead Mom, Alvin, and I took a nice walk.

Ralph, Sean, and I closed the evening biking around Charlottesville--first to Zinc, which was closed for a private party, and then through the packed Downtown Mall, and finally to Backyard Cinema (or whatever it's called) to watch the first third or so of Alabama Moon--which turned out to be not so great.

So we snuck out early and biked back to the McDermott's. On the way we happened to run into the famed Robert Brandon Smith III, whom I had not met and who happens to be a fanatical reader of John Lukacs. We closed the night on the McDermott porch.

Great day--even with the little spill I took on my bike.