Monday, April 23, 2012

Which Colson?

Well here's an interesting contrast:

Daniel Silliman's Chuck Colson "mostly rehashed ideas, reiterated party lines, and packaged other people's thought into talking points."

Meanwhile, David Sessions' Colson was a primary engine for the worldview revolution in American evangelicalism, and, even today, "The power of Colson’s ideas still runs deep."

Perhaps there's not a real contradiction here. Silliman's accounting for the originality of the ideas, while Sessions is paying attention to the impact of Colson's particular articulation of those ideas regardless of their originality. In any case, both reflections on Colson's legacy merit your time. Near the end Sessions offers evidence of Colson's own doubts about the Religious Right's politicization of Christianity. Silliman's focus on contradictions or moments of ambiguity in Colson's thinking provides an even more compelling alternative glimpse into the man's life, work, and thoughts.