Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The most important election since... well, since the last one, I guess.

I find it distressing that grown adults exist who truly believe (a) their causes and candidates are uniformly righteous and/or (b) their opponents are unreservedly wicked. At the same time, I am a little jealous. A small part of me wishes I were capable of seeing the Democrats as god-hating Commies or the Republicans as power-hungry fascists.

That kind of clarity of vision has its attractions--else Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann would be jobless. It certainly tends to be more appealing than uncertainty, indifference, and confusion. Most of us would rather embrace a selective clarity, an artificial certainty. It's easier to get through the day. There are few things more central to one's identity than assurance that they are a bunch of idiots. Nothing brings a group together like the certainty that outsiders are the spawn of Satan. Hatred is better glue than love.

But that's the thing. The world is confusing. People are clueless sinners.

I'm going to vote, and I'm not happy about it. You also ought to go do your civic duty and vote for someone who will probably destroy your community, if they do anything at all.