Sunday, October 3, 2010

Music and Friends

Dear 2006 TIME Person of the Year,

Thanks for sharing your music with me. I'm particularly pleased with the albums I've been grabbing over the last two weeks. So I, as I often do, thought about how I ran into this music, and how it wasn't, you know, my own magical musical antennae, but rather the taste of so many very cool friends.

So now I, the 2006 TIME Person of the Year, would like to share with you, the 2006 TIME Person of the Year, the music that you have shared with me recently. Clear? Good.

Of the bands I have been listening to just in the last month: Will introduced me to the Radio Dept.. Jack introduced the Walkmen. Wes intro'd AIR. Blaine - Maximum Balloon. Andrea - Breathe Owl Breathe. Dan - Stornoway and Samamidon. Donna/Julie - Sufjan Stevens. Hannah - Cat Stevens. Sean/Julie - Thad Cockrell. And then I found Deerhunter on the Interwebs, and Dan Mangan opened for the Walkmen a few weeks ago. I should clarify that many of these introductions were years ago, but they still mark my listening to those bands now.

So I've put up a playlist of (mostly new) songs by the preceding bands on YouTube.