Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad News for Tucson Music

The Rialto might file bankruptcy this week.

This would be a serious blow to the Tucson music scene, as the Rialto is the only mid-to-large venue in town consistently bringing in decent bands. Club Congress and Plush do a good job with the smaller artists (see you Wednesday Tallest Man!), but if you're going to attract more than a hundred or so people and less than a thousand you need the Rialto.

I don't love the Rialto. The actual venue is pretty blah. Bands play in a big concrete box, basically, though the lobby has a nice old-theater feel to it. And their signature murals are great too. But the bottom line is that they bring in bands like the New Pornographers, the National, and Spoon. No other Tucson venue can or likely would do that.

Then again, if the last couple years have taught us anything, the perceived effects of bankruptcy can be pretty minimal... if we could only get some money thrown this way...